6 Best Kayak Paddle Reviews of 2018

Choosing the Best Kayak Paddle will help determine the level of comfort you will have while paddling. It will also help determine how much effort you will have to expend to get from one point to another. Kayak paddles are not one-size fits all. The type of blade and the length of the paddle must meet your personal preferences and match your body characteristics. Luckily, this is not a difficult process and it will not take a lot of time to perform. If you follow the simple steps below, you will soon be out on the water and paddling around with comfort and ease, read our kayak paddle reviews and decide for yourself.

How to Choose the Best Kayak Paddle

There are 3 main considerations when select a kayak paddle: length, blade material and blade. Each of these design components will assist you in paddling around your favorite lake or river. You should also determine if you want a kayak paddle that can break down into two or more pieces for easier storage.

  • Length – Kayak paddles are available in a wide variety of lengths. Your height is a major consideration when it comes to selecting a paddle length. If you are tall, you will require a longer paddle. Your kayak’s width and style will also determine the paddle length.
  • Blade Materials – Kayak paddles can be one of three material types: carbon fiber, fiberglass and nylon/aluminum/plastic. Carbon fiber is usually the more expensive choice but it is also the most high-performance. Fiberglass blades are in the middle for both price and performance and are also light and durable. Nylon/aluminum/plastic blades are more affordable but are not as high-performance and are much heavier.
  • Blade Design – kayak blades can be either feathered or non-feathered. Feathered blades are designed to take into account the air flow. A feathered blade is designed to be flat to the air so as to lessen air resistance when the other paddle is in the water.

Top 6 Kayak Paddle Reviews

1. Shoreline Marine Kayak Paddle

The Shoreline Marine Kayak Paddle is very comfortable and extremely easy to use, especially over longer periods of time. The length and width of this paddle allows it to glide through the water quite smoothly with minimal effort. With a length of 96 inches, this kayak paddle can easily be stored in your automobile. The Shoreline Marine Kayak Paddle is not only friendly to your wallet, but it is also a sturdy and durable paddle and so one of the best kayak paddle to buy.

This paddle has a three position system that gives you the flexibility to meet your paddling style. The drip guards are a great feature and definitely keep you protected from water running off the blades during each stroke. The paddle disassembles into two pieces for easy storage and transport.

2. IIntex Dual Purpose Kayak Paddle/Boat Oars, 1 Pair, 96"

The next kayak paddle review is the Intex Kayak Paddle converts between two 48-inch boat oars and one 96-inch kayak paddle. The ribbed blades will assist you in getting moving in the water faster and makes this paddle easy to handle for beginning kayakers. The lightweight construction also makes this paddle ideal for children. The Intex Kayak Paddle is lightweight and is constructed from aluminum to be long-lasting.

Because it is a dual purpose paddle, the weakest part of the paddle is the coupling. This paddle is ideal for lakes but the coupling may not hold up when using it on faster rivers. The coupling was designed to allow you to adjust the blades to be either feathered or non-feathered. This paddle is so affordable that you may want to buy it for use as a spare paddle.

3. Carlisle Day Tripper Aluminum Kayak Paddle 

The Carlisle Day Tripper Aluminum Kayak Paddle is a two-piece paddle that allows you to feather the blades up to 60 degrees or you can adjust them to be unfeathered. The push button adjustment will keep the blades set to exact amount of feathering that you desire. This paddle is available in all three standard lengths: 220 cm, 230 cm and 240 cm. We recommend you buy this paddle if you are using the Intex Excursion 5.

The lightweight design gives you plenty of push in the water and is ideal for paddling around the lake. You can get the same design features on paddles costing a lot more that the Carlisle Day Tripper Aluminum Kayak Paddle, but there is no reason to spend the extra money. You would be hard-pressed to tell the difference between this paddle and one that costs twice as much. This is the perfect paddle for what its name states – day tripping on your kayak.

4. Seasense X-Treme Aluminum Kayak Paddle

The Seasense X-Treme Aluminum Kayak Paddle is light-weight and durable, as well as extremely strong. It breaks down into two pieces for transport and storage. At 84-inches, the paddle is on the shorter end of the scale but is great for power strokes that have steep entry angles. This paddle is not for the kayaker looking to paddle at slower, shallower angles due to the length.

The unique curve of the blades gives the Seasense X-Treme Aluminum Kayak Paddle a great glide in the water. You can easily customize the blade angles to suit your paddling style. The foam hand grips are adjustable and will stay where you adjust them as you paddle your kayak across the lake without developing blisters. Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced kayaker, this paddle will provide you with years of service without costing you a lot of money, a strong contender for the best kayak paddles.

5. AIRHEAD AHTK-P2 Deluxe Kayak Paddle

The AIRHEAD AHTK-P2 kayak paddle breaks down into 2 sections for easy transport and storage. The paddle blades are adjustable so you are assured to get the ideal blade angle for you and your kayak. The paddle blades are curved and help you to move quickly and easily through the water. The shaft is made from durable, light-weight aluminium and has comfortable foam hand grips and drip guards to minimize splashing.

This paddle is perfect for a beginning kayaker who plans to do day trips. It may be a little heavy for long, multi-day trips; but it would certainly be durable enough to go with you. The plastic blades are strong but should not be left in the sun since sunlight can cause most plastics to become brittle, but for it has to be one of the best kayak paddle in the market. It also featured on out tandem sit on top kayak guide.

6. Carlisle Magic Plus Kayak Paddle

The final kayak paddle review is the Carlisle Magic Plus Kayak Paddle consists of two polypropylene blades which are filled with glass for additional strength without adding weight. The paddle shaft is constructed from durable and light-weight fiberglass. A great feature of this paddle is the slightly spooned blades which provide you with powerful strokes, it great when we used them with the Sea Eagle Inflatable Kayak.

The Carlisle Magic Plus Kayak Paddle is very durable and will be able to handle whatever abuse you might give it. It is available in three different lengths, 220 cm, 230 cm and 240 cm; you should find a size that fits you and your paddling style. The paddle breaks down into two pieces for easy storage and carrying. If you are looking for a light-weight paddle that can be used wherever you paddle and will last for many years, consider the Carlisle Magic Plus Kayak Paddle, it was flawless when we tested them on the Jackson Kayak Cuda kayak.

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