Kayaking Food Ideas | What You Can Eat On A Kayak Trip

Hey, all! I wanted to share the fruits of a conversation I had with my good buddy Adam! It started while we were making our checklist for the next big paddle trip we’re taking. He said that he was kinda sick of having to pack granola bars for pit stops and serene waters. I told him that I used to be like that as well until I realized there were several simple meals that I could bring with me instead of the run of the mill granola bar and protein bar.

It always used to be so tricky having to plan for your meals when you’re an active paddler. You have to factor in what sort of environment you’ll be in and how much physical exertion will be done. When you’re done considering that, you have to think of how much space you can realistically allot for meals in your portage pack or hatches. So my buddy and I decided to hunker down and list down realistic meals. Lets read this article to get kayaking food ideas.

  1. Apples – a lot of people tend to overlook this fantastic fruit. They’re easy to prepare and easier to pack in a small container or even a zip lock bag. They stay pretty crisp and can last that way up to around lunch time. They give anyone a much needed crunch that most healthy snacks lack.
  2. Veggie Sticks – Never underestimate a the sweetness of a carrot–especially when paired with peanut butter. No, really. Other than carrots, celery and zucchini are good alternatives. In fact, you can mix them altogether for a varied healthy snack. If you don’t trust me on the peanut butter claim, you can use hummus.
  3. Hot Soup – Make the soup the day before and store in the fridge overnight. Heat up in the morning and store in a lightweight thermos and it’ll still be hot during lunch time. It’s a perfect way to warm your soul when you’re out on a cold adventure. Soups come in a variety of flavors and consistencies. My personal favorite is Picadillo Soup. It’s a full meal with the meat and potatoes.
  4. Wraps – Basically anything can be wrapped nowadays. You can use a burrito wrap and fill it with your choice of filling. Adam says that you can even make a sort of pizza pocket wrap. He and I are torn on whether or not it needs to be served hot or not. Personally, I like pizza cold while he needs his piping hot. So a good solution to those who agree is to wrap the pizza pocket wrap in foil and heat it up over a fire. You can even make a summer sandwich of sorts with some lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, and cheese.
  5. Grilled Chicken Salad – Hear me out on this one. Prep the chicken the night before and refrigerate. You can even shred it up and pair it with some cheese and greens. It’s easy to store in a zip lock back and doesn’t take up much space. It’s pretty easy to make and will be a bit heavier than the usual fare of protein bars.

What about you guys? Lemme know if you have other ideas for easy to make and easy to store meals or snacks for your own kayak trips!

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